Hi ! Welcome to Pink lemon Tree !

It all started one day when my friend and fellow foodie mom Shobana Kumar asked me to share my food ideas and recipes for kids. She was very insistent that I share my food experiences from a mom’s point of view ! That’s how I began blogging one late August evening and re-discovered my love for writing ! I will always be thankful to her for that .

What started with simple recipes on blogger  evolved to include other food tales which led to me writing a weekly column in the Metroplus section of the hindu newspaper ! The past 5 years have been an amazing journey of self-discovery nurtured lovingly by my family , friends and my readers. It has also made me realise that food plays a huge role in various parts of my life. It not only helps me connect with loved ones but also with so many individuals who like me are passionate about preserving the environment , culture , traditions while retaining a fair amount of our modern lifestyles.Thanks to like minded folks at The Pollachi Papyrus and Simplicity Coimbatore,the opportunity to explore one’s interests is continuous.

That’s how this first food only site has grown to include many of life’s other facets. So , I offer you my recipes which are all my own , simple , fuss-free with a focus on health and deliciousness …along with it I also invite you to read my blogs that are filled with thoughts of the myriad learnings that life has caused me to experience ! Therefore I would like to present Pink Lemon Tree as not just a food site but one that includes travel , celebrations, emotions and plenty more that are instrumental for happy human existence.

Lemons are a huge favourite at home,both with the kids and my wonderful spouse. He is the reason that a girl like me who could just about manage to bake a cookie has come this far to confidently venture into being a recipe developer ! (And he doesn’t let me forget it 😉  ) We all need someone like that in our lives, don’t we ?! Coming back to the lemons,we use them on just about everything…pink is a colour that instantly perks me up and Pink lemons are just like lemons but  a tad more unique…the tree is again a symbol of vastness, knowledge ,shade, comfort , shelter….all things that sustain life. So , you see ,it just had to be called Pink Lemon Tree. I’d like to think the name found me instead of the other way around. Isn’t that how the universe functions ?! I’d like to think so !

I hope you do enjoy your journey through my posts. It’s easy to see how the work has evolved over the years. Do be sure to let me know you stopped by , even if it’s just a smiley. If you used my recipes, I’d truly appreciate it if you let me know how it fared , it helps me to go further and do better.

If you’re interested in working with me do get in touch.

Take care and keep those spirits up ! 🙂

Shanthini Rajkumar
Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India.