Cecy's Caboose

Cecy’s Caboose

Home cooked with an International flavour

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When someone who is well travelled and is an excellent cook shares her plans of opening a cosy weekend dining experience,it definitely warrants a great deal of interest.

Most Coimbatoreans  are familiar with Cecy Kuruvilla, having either attended her cookery workshops or heard about her from newspaper articles. Her knowledge of food and cooking techniques are most impressive and she has her friends salivating on an almost daily basis over the food pictures which adorn her Facebook page.

“Cecy” or “CC” 😉 as she’s fondly known by some has created a veritable oasis on what was once an empty plot of land at Periya puthur,near Karamadai. In addition to the kitchen garden,the space has an abundance of flowering trees,shrubs and creepers which happily co-exist along with the feathered visitors who occasionally make it their home.

Cecy enjoys entertaining. Cooking for others from a wide repertoire of recipes , is truly her passion.With the encouragement of her family she has long since nurtured the interest in opening an intimate space wherein she can interact with a small group of people. Cooking in limited quantities, she says ,will also help in maintaining the standard of her food.

Her food venture is called “CCC’s Caboose”. The triple C stands for  ‘Cecy’s Culinary Creations’- with a global flavour. After toying with the idea of running a food truck, she thought it would be more worth her while to set up a caboose instead. The whole idea seems fun and the bright red caboose is perfectly in sync with Cecy’s vivacious personality. A Caboose is the part of a freight train that is fitted at the rear most end. Cabooses were a part of the American railroad system until the 1980s apparently and they were usually painted a bold red or sometimes in another colour to match the carriages. It was used as a sort of unwinding space for the crew; to rest or as a cookhouse or even just as a make shift office.

Cecy’s  friends introduced her to a fabricator at Sundarapuram who frequently works with transforming intermodal (shipping) containers to suit customer specifications. After explaining the idea with pictures and precise instructions and a considerable waiting period the Caboose was delivered to site for completion of the electrical and plumbing work.

The interiors are inviting and well lit.The cheery lemon yellow walls are a lovely backdrop for the pretty wall hangings.To one corner is a small pantry which allows Cecy to plate up her meals and do a bit of washing up.It is also fitted with a comfortable,well-appointed washroom. Windows on both sides allow for cross ventilation and the cool breeze that wafts through is one of the perks of being surrounded by open spaces.The quiet also allows one to soak in the ambience far away from chaos of traffic sounds and busy streets.

Pic credit : Nithya Doraisamy

The Caboose is open for lunch every week on Fridays and Saturdays only.It has a seating capacity for 10. Guests are requested to book 3 days in advance and can choose between a plated 4 course non-vegetarian or a vegetarian meal. Group discounts are available for six people and more. The diners will have the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal which showcases international flavours.

In addition to her culinary prowess this home chef is also known for her lively repartee and warm hospitality.A view of the gorgeous mountains adds to the whole caboose dining experience.

CCC’s Caboose


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