Watermelon rind curry

Watermelon rind curry

Simplicity Coimbatore , Watermelon rind curry


A friend remembered the watermelon rind curry I had made last summer and she asked me about it.It was then that I realised that while I had shared the blog post,I didn’t end up sharing the recipe.


Making it again this year, I took the effort of taking pictures at each step.It’s amazing how it goes from a crisp white end of a fruit to a delicious savoury subzi.

A lot of my readers have not heard of a watermelon rind curry before much less tried cooking it.It’s one of the simplest dishes to make and makes the most of a seasonal ingredient. All over the world the food mantra of less waste is catching up.Peels , seeds, rind, root, stalk are ending up being creatively used in many signature dishes in professional kitchens.

This recipe however is from the traditional kitchens in the most humble homes in the state of Rajasthan.With limited access to fresh produce because of the dry landscape, every bit is used to make up tasty meals for the family.Truly , the cuisine in our country is still vastly unexplored.



I do hope you will try this recipe. You can make it your own, add lentils if you wish to or  cubes of paneer etc etc…the recipe is very simple and can be tweaked to individual preferences.

Watermelons as we know are a much favoured summer ingredient. Please be sure however to consciously source naturally grown watermelons. Talk to your local organic shop and make that connect with farmers practicing sustainable farming.

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