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I’ve been a freelance writer for over 4 years. I had a weekly column in the local newspaper, THE HINDU Metroplus and I continue writing on topics relating to food, travel ,culture,community and home entrepreneurs,mostly in the south of India. I’m proud to be associated with a magazine associated with travel and tourism called The Pollachi Papyrus,my travels there have helped me connect with local folk, food and landscape. The joys of discovering life and living in and around your home town is undescribable. I’m interested in connecting with like minded publications both in India as well as abroad to write articles that connect to conscious living pertaining to food, the environment and raising a family. Connect with me if you have such assignments in mind.


Developing recipes is a passion that comes from wanting to use locally grown ingredients in modern cooking.My recipes are a mix of food that is fun to eat as well as healthy and wholesome. I don’t believe in contributing to the carbon footprint and love to substitute seasonal ingredients in recipes that will appeal to all age groups.

I would love to create recipes specifically suited to a particular diet or any food that is grown and packaged in a conscientious manner. Do connect with me if you would like to work together.


If your mindset finds compatibility with what my blogs have to offer,I would be happy in associating with you to add to your brand image and to use your product or service in my future blog posts.

Furthermore I can also be involved in specific recipe ideas , promotional events and suggestions needed to improve brand image and connect with the readers. If you’re interested contact me : shanthini306@gmail.com