Vegan Chocolate Tart

Vegan Chocolate Tart

In case you’re wondering if I’m vegan,I must confess that I am not. My recipes consist of ingredients which I like to cook with because of the way they taste, where they are sourced from and how much they contribute to my family’s health.

This recipe is vegan and hence the name,it contains no animal products of any sort and I came upon it by accident while surfing the internet. It’s very simple in execution, just like how I like my recipes to be. Another reason it caught my attention is that while I love chocolate mousse ,I don’t like the idea of cooking with raw egg,so a rich delicious mousse has always been something I enjoyed eating at a restaurant.

The original recipe was actually that of a chocolate mousse. I added the tart base for two reasons. I wanted to use the walnuts before they turned stale and the other reason is actually one of those which makes mothers turn into sneaky minded people just so they can add an ingredient without their offspring figuring it out.

The ingredient in this case is the banana.Yes !!!!! Mine behave as if I’m asking them to swallow tar when given a banana.It’s most exasperating considering it’s a food that we as Indians should be eating every day.Anyway in went the frozen bananas along with a ripe avocado and some rich dark cocoa and… voila!… just like that I was rewarded with a super smooth and creamy mousse.

Anxious that they might sniff out the banana flavour , I quickly blitzed up some walnuts with coconut oil to make up a nutty base. Not only did it go down really well with my two, their friends feasted on it too. And oh they did discover the banana (sigh!) but by then they were totally chomping into it. I’m sure every mom has played a food trick or two …thankfully this was my first and last attempt. After all it’s not like they are bad kids or anything ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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